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The touch is a vital form of challenge and confirmation. Sensual tantric massage is a way of prime non-verbal communication for me, in which I first contact with energy, the body energy and the possibilities to spread sexual energy into the whole body. I have been professionally doing massages for 7 years.For 3 years I was an assistant to one of the leading tantric teachers John Howken. In my massages, I use the knowledge of both tantra and bioenergetics, shamanism and dark eros. The massage can be as delicate, sensitive, lustrous, curable and also sensuous, strong and deep.

Erika performs:

  • Clasical and more contact tantric massage for men & women 

  • Massages and rituals

  • Tantric BDSM  (play dominantion and submision, feeling of surrendered,…)  - recommend to try. 

  • Meditations 

  • Vaginal and anal mapping

  • Massage of rosebud (massage especially two small circle muscles in anus area, but only outside) 

  • Prostate massage and massage entire anal region

  • 4th dimension – ritual of senses + massage of mouth, ears, nose (including inside)

  • Big draw

  • Orgasmic yoga

  • Teaching of this techniques – for singels and couples

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