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Certified massage therapist with essential oils and healing through energy. 

"When I do intuitive massage it is a deep meditation. With me you can experience a great variety of touches. I tune to your inner self and you get what you need at that moment.

I offer massage for people of all orientations and identity; men and women. Much of the time I prefer healing through prostate massage and lingam (female yoni).I graduated from culinary school, photographic retraining, massage retraining. I have been following the traditional Tantrayoga for 13 years and through it I learned how to deal with sexual energy.

During tantric massage it is very important for me that you fully concentrate on yourselves and perceive your feelings, and that you learn to receive massage from a masseuse unilaterally. The most important are the three keys - breath, active movement and use of voice. At the conclusion of tantric massage, I will also harmonize your chakras.

Also important is your intention (eg. relaxation, stress relief, treatment of sexual dysfunction, tenderness, strength) during a meeting with yourself during the whole massage. This massage is one way massage and I'm your guide.

I individually combine all massage techniques (eg. thai, hawaiian) from other massages that I know according to intuition."

Faina performs:


  • clasical and more contact tantric massage for men and women

  • special tantra massage for peaple LGBT

  • massage and rituals

  • anal maping, prostate massage and massage entire anal region

  • tantra BDSM and light domination

  • meditations: breath, dance, mantras, quiet

  • combination intuition massage with thai, havai, chinese elements

  • reiki

  • chakra harmonizing

  • aroma touch massage back and feet with therapeutic esencials oil doTerra and full body aroma gently massage

  • quantum wave therapy

  • golden spirals of age energy healing

  • moxing and harmonizing meridians

  • ginger tillings

  • massage with lava stones

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