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My tantric path has started in 2015 by participating in the 10-days Intensive training and since then I realized that conscious touch and work with sexual energy are very natural to me and it all has become an integral part of my life. I love to guide people through discovering their sexuality and pleasure as well as helping them to heal trauma and blocks. I have experiences with classical tantric massages(including yoni&lingam, prostata massage, the Big Draw), vaginal and anal mapping, BDSM sessions(ropes, breath play, role play), orgasmic meditation coaching, healing of scars, etc...

Rebecca performs:

  • Clasical tantric massage for men & women 

  • More contact massage

  • Massages and rituals 

  • Meditations 

  • Massage of rosebud (massage especially two small circle muscles in anus area, but only outside) 

  • Prostate massage and massage entire anal region

  • 4th dimension – ritual of senses + massage of mouth, ears, nose (including inside) 

  • Big draw

  • BDSM 

  • Teaching of this techniques – for singels and couples 

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