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I love the conscious touch. I really do believe when we are aware of our body and our sexual energy, we can be truly free. I feel it’s a gift that I am able to provide sessions, I can feel others energy and I can connect to them. Every single session is unique and has it’s own magic. Tantra has the power to show you how to treat and be treated with your own energy, opens you new door how to understand your own power. 

I love the most the connection I have with my clients and how some connections can be really powerfull and unforgettable. I can teach you how to energetically protect yourself, how to use your own touch and also to accept others energy. With this kind of session you will feel opened, relaxed and your energy will be following through all your chakras.

I am really looking forward to have you in my hands and take care of you.

Sara performs:

  • Clasical tantric massage for men & women

  • more contact massage + massage of prostate 

  • Light domination (domination and submision playing, feeling of surrendered) 

  • Meditations & rituals

  • Massage of rosebud (massage especially two small circle muscles in anus area, but only outside)

  • Prostate massage and massage of entire anal region

  • 4th dimension – ritual of senses + massage of mouth, ears, nose (includeing inside)

  • Big draw

  • Teaching of this techniques – for singels and couples

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