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Since childhood I love to give and receive touch and I believe it has healing power. Tantra is part of my personal life from year 2011. Receiving holistic sensual massage and sexological bodywork sessions opened me up a new dimension of experience in the flesh. 

I changed my way of thinking and perception. My own strong experience that’s why I decided to study in this area.    I´m certificete sexological bodyworker, tantric masseur and lector in area of intimacy. 

And I´m glad I can be guide on your way deep into yourself. I can help you discover new dimensions of whole body pleasure, push your boundaries, gett rid of the of pain, fears, shame or numbness or discover self-love again.


My intention is to create a safe space for you in which you express yourself in nature. Clients like me because I´m open, frendly and colourfull person. I can follow… I can drive...  During the session I can use diferent kind of techniques from very gentl touch, be soft and kind to you up tu useing deep pressure and play little kinky way during mindfulness BDSM.

Come to learn, or have just a moment of connection, wholebody experience and enjoying in your body. Every time I work with open heart and with respect to my receiver. Every questions, every emotions are welcome.:-)

RIA performs: 

  • Consultation in area of sexuality, intimacy and personal development

  • Clasical and more contact tantric massage for men & women 

  • Massages and rituals

  • Tantric/Conscious BDSM & Dark Eros  (play dominantion and submision, feeling of surrendered,…)  - recommend to try. 

  • Meditations 

  • Vaginal and anal mapping

  • Massage of rosebud (massage especially two small circle muscles in anus area, but only outside) 

  • Prostate massage and massage entire anal region

  • 4th dimension – ritual of senses + massage of mouth, ears, nose (including inside)

  • Big draw

  • Orgasmic yoga

  • Teaching of this techniques – for singels and couples

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