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Dear clients,

I´m thankful for the trust we build together over years. Some of us we know each other from year 2016 when I started my professional carrier like tantra masseur. I´m happy we are in touch and you are still coming back to me and we have opportunity to grow and exploring new together. NOTE we currently working on the web more reviews and info is coming soon.

Company, sensual tantric sessions + coaching

Personalized BDSM sessions, secrets gentleman don´t talk about...

Nationality: Englisgman 36, 12. September 2022, meetings in Helsinki

 I had an amazing time with the Princess, she is naturally dominant and friendly, but she can be very demanding and bosy. She’s a “no limit” mistress and no matter what you ask of her she is most likely to fulfil the request plus some. I will definitely book to see her again and I’m looking forward to be under her again soon.


Truthfully, slave Seb

Nationality: Finish 33, 12. September 2022, 120 mins+ meeting in Helsinki

Princess Ria is THE 5-Star experience: You are pampered, met with extreme love and kindness and feel like you can relocate somewhere out of the everyday life. No rush, only pure physical and mental connection.

Thank you so much for the most amazing evening! ✨


Super slow - Sensual flow

Tantric sessions - sensual setting - company 

Nationality: Norwegian 79, August 2022, meetings in areas: Oslo / Prague/ Bergen

Google translate: When you meet her in her studio you will see a beautiful princess with great radiance, which signals that she is there for YOU. And you won't be disappointed.

Ria for the first time in the summer of 2021 and have had many meetings with her until now, in the autumn of 2022. Ria is a very special lady, and has a completely unique ability to approach you, with her way and communicate; not only verbally but also on a spiritual/spiritual level. Her touch on your body is extremely soft and sensual. After the first time with her, I thought that it couldn't get any better than this. But the meetings we had eventually just got better and better. She can be your very special and devoted GF, or listen to your stuff about experiences and difficulties, making them smaller than before. I feel when I am with her that she has enormous amounts of love in her soul. I feel that she is honest, intelligent and we have also been to the city together, and good walks. She is always inspiring and an absolutely fantastic conversational partner. I will go ahead and meet her. There is hardly a match for you Ria in the entire Real Escort network. She is highly recommended above all others.

A warm hug from Bamse.

Original text: Når du møter henne i hennes studio vil du se en vakker prinsesse med stor utstråling, som signaliserer at hun er der for DEG.  Og du blir ikke skuffet.

Ria for første gang sommeren 2021 og har hatt mange møter med henne helt til nå, høsten 2022. Ria er en meget spesiell dame, og har en helt unik evne til å nærme seg til deg, med sin måte og kommunisere på; ikke bare verbalt men også på et åndelig/spirituelt plan. Hennes berøring av din kropp er ytterst myk og sensuell. Etter første gang hos henne tenkte jeg at bedre enn dette kan det ikke bli. Men møtene vi hadde etterhvert ble bare bedre og bedre. Hun kan være din helt spesielle og hengivne GF, eller lytte til dine ting om opplevelser og vanskeligheter, noe som gjør at de blir mindre enn før. Jeg føler når jeg er sammen med henne at hun har enorme mengder med kjærlighet i sin sjel. Jeg føler at hun er ærlig, intelligent og vi har også vært på byen sammen, og godt turer. Hun er alltid inspirende og en helt fantastisk samtalepartner. Jeg vil fortsette og møte henne. Det finnes neppe maken til deg Tina i hele RE nettverket. Hun anbefales på det varmeste fremfor alle andre.
Varm klem fra Bamse.


Session with tantric massage

Nationality: Norwegian, 34, 19. August 2022, Stavanger

I Met this gem recently and just have to say she is absolutely stunning! 🤩👏 Made for a great, cozy and positive lady. You are really well taken care of here 👏 Don't regret for a second that I chose to meet Ria!


I'm definitely going back here, and hopefully before she leaves again 🤞 Highly recommended to have a duration of longer than an hour, time goes by fast here 🥵


Hope to see you again soon Ria 🤗 If not, I hope it won't be too long until you come back 🤞

Hallo Dunders,

from what you write I see you had strong and nice experience. Yes time flies, definitely!

With more time, we can grow even stronger experience. I would like to say that not everyone gets so easy relaxed, get trust, get open, on same level, feel comfortable to express and be and show true yourself. You don't need to book a day with me (but is and option)


From my experience and cliants who books 120mins (of Bodywork, physical contact, massages etc. And even add some time to share to talk...) is ideal. If you have tied schedule 90mins start to be good duration.


If you can invest more time... Is good for you! Every prolonged season +30mins. Makes huge difference.


And... No plans yet to come back. Show me you like me there and I will find my way back some time. :-)


Sensual flow tantric interaction with waving + coaching

Nationality: Norwegian, 65, 23. August 2022, Duration. 2,5 hours

Ria, thank you for 2,5 fantastic hours this morning. We started with a one hour coaching talk regarding relationships, communication and goal setting. Ria is an inspiring listener and she constantly challenged my thoughts, and gave good advice and counselling.

After this she gave me a 90 min tantra/massage session also including challenges, guidance and advice. I learned a lot from this also. She is a very brautiful girl, she is wice and knowledgeable and she gives very much of herself and much more than I expected. Afterwards I felt total satisfaction both physically and mentally. The best experience I have ever had. Thank you Ria!


Hopefully I will see you again sometime! I have much more to learn from you! In the meantime I will work on the issues we discussed.


you know... This type of sessions I love the best! When you know what you want. To challenge you with couple of good questions. I believe you know the answer deep in side you. Is just about to help you to find a good motivation/ inspiration to keep going. I'm happy he had so nice talk and also the body part.


Of course I like also sessions where is no talk at all bit in ours I can feel I could give you something what you can bring home, what you can cultivate, what can be a seed to keep nicer relationships with deeper intimacy for you and your partner. :)


Makes me really good filling., that I can influence positive way. :)


You know what I see like general issue here in society is that people have difficulties to express their feelings. I'm meeting kind people here mostly very shy seem to be raised up like a good boys and girls but no one learn them to feel, to name to express to talk about emotions. And this is definitely one of basics stones to have good relationships with people we love!


Thank you for your feedback, I think it can be inspiring for others.


PS: I have not been good to experience emotions myself either. But we all are able to learn it!

Have a great day,



Tantric Massage

Nationality: Norwegian, Age: 34, 21. august 2022, Duration: 2 hours

Here I missed all too much, so I just had to visit beautiful Ria again 😃 A bit spontaneous, but luckily Ria was free early in the morning 😊👌


This visit did not disappoint and I would say it was even better than the last, believe it or not! 👏

This time I was lucky enough to be allowed to give Ria a little massage too, could have lasted the rest of the day as I think she deserves it 😊 As much as she gives, she deserves a little back too! 😊


Hope to see you again before too long Ria 🤗 And just make a noise if you need a little massage 🤪


Hallo D.,

yes, is nice to receive when you give so much of yourself. I'm happy to hear your experience was even better this time. I would like you know that what and how you feel during the session is not 100% on me like givver/therapist /coach what ever. But receiver/ partner in oral comunication or body language has responsibility too. When your mind is in the moment and you follow just basic keys we talk on start of session than magical moments happens strong feelings floats through your body!


Let's create it even better next time!


Thank you!


Ria <3

Sensual Dominance with waveing, massage of prostate, sensual aftrecare

Nationality: Norwegian, 24. August 2022, Duration: 2 hours

Dominance LightEdging / Peaking / SurfingErotic massageOil massageProstate massageShower/Douche

Review (Translated by Google Translate - Click here to see orignal text)Finally got to meet you after several years. Fantastic! 🥰🥰 You are much more beautiful than the pictures show. Fantastic service, a fantastic body with an absolutely magnificent personality. You are a star in the sky.

Thank you very much for 2 wonderful hours. Hope you had as good an experience as I did.

Will definitely be back, my wonderful queen 🥰🥰 Thank you very much 🥰🥰


sadly in not sure who wrote this because in my calendar is another session with same duration. But anyway I like to say thank you personally!


Message for everyone:

In last days I got so many nice feedback here and in personal mailbox too. It keeps me on truck. I see how important it what I can offer to you. Even if someone want just relax, turn off brain for a moment, explore her/himself. But there are also deeper topics we focus on with my clients. Is nice to hear I helped to save marriage etc. :)


And according to intimate meetings with present type of touch and tantric setting. I like to say THIS is nothing you can buy. YOU GET IT LIKE A PRESENT FORM ME. Cause I feel this is my mission. I try to see all my clients like a whole persons, to ask and feel what the individual needs to fill in the moment and I use touch, talk, and BDSM therapy etc.


For those they are ready to open up I'm here to create deeper connection and open new perspectives on life in general.


For others I do my best anyway, but remember you get just what you are open for and your mind is setted up. :) I'm not able to elevate you, when you are not ready!


I'm not selling my body. Always you pay for my time and my skills! Nice personality is bonus in addition. :)


Have a good day to all of you!


Ria <3

Rope Play/Dominance with sensual waveing

Regular client since 2017, we started with tantric and mindfulness touches turned to mix of BDSM and soft bodywork.

Nationality: Norwegian 51, 30. August 2022, Duration: 1,5 hours

Every time I visit this angel, she knows what is best for me. She can be as tender and sensual as a feather, and she can be a devil with ropes and toys. It is always with all here hart and body. Bringing me into a paradise of feelings, pain, pleasure and moving limits. I feel humble and lucky after each session. 
She is everything, and more!


Long term slavery relationship, hold on chastity  

Norwegian: 9. September 2022, Duration: usually 2-3 hours private meeting, in touch during all month

What about this beautiful Princess:

How to explain? I have met The Beautiful Princess Ria a lot of times in Norway. She has for a while been THE PRINCESS and I am here humble sub in and outside the studio. I did not realise she did ever visit Helsinki and Finland. But during one of my BDSM session with her in Oslo I told her I was going to Finland for a work trip.

What a coincidence :-). It must be destiny because she was going in the same period. So, I was very clearly ordered to appear for a session with her also in Helsinki. As the beautiful Princess said; «you have served me in Oslo, Stavanger and on my time home. Now serve me in Helsinki». So, I did.

As normal she used me, abused me and as always took me to new hights and even this time made be push my limits to what she like. If you want to give yourself to a real Tantra Domina and to give the control to a Goddess that can read you and understand your needs and desire better then yourself, no reason to hesitate. 

I already look forward to your next visit to Oslo Princess.


Thank you for guiding me on this journey.

Your servant

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