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Attention new OFFER new pricelist

Long term meetings: sessions, teaching, lessons, company is possible - individual prices!

One Time Consultatio
   60 min    NOK 1800,-/EUR 160,-
+30 min     NOK 500,-/EUR

BASIC Pogram for 3 months:
18 000 NOK ,-/EUR 1 600,-
on-line coaching/consultations/mentoring, 
The smallest package includes:
12 meetings in duration up to 60 mins (1 meeting a week
, Price: 1500NOK/h) or
8 meetings in duration up to 90 mins according to the need of the client.  

Time limitted OFFER: Like a thank you, you get 1000 NOK discount for any type of session. 

VIP Program is more tailored to the specific need of a client. First step to VIP Package is One Time Consultation or Initial Call. If we agree on individual plan, price of One Time Consultation or Initial Call will be discounted from the Price of agreed Programe.

Virgin tantra session

For beginners:

60 min       NOK 1690,-/EUR 169,-

75 min       NOK 1890,-/EUR 185,-

90 min       NOK 1990,-/EUR 199,-

120 min     NOK 2490,-/EUR 249,-

Virgin tantra session is an introducing to tantric ritual with light skin touch from therapist to receiver. Recomending what to do to become more present in body etc. No focus intim areas.

ONE TIME BODYWORK SESSION                                                                                                                                                                                                            

  60 min     NOK 2000,-/EUR 200,    

If we agree on longer coworkship you can get 30% discount. OFFER for package 3 or more sessions in on calendar month.      


Session includes Classical tantric ritual

middle level:                                              Package with waving + body contact 

                                                                    (pelvic release optional)     

  60 min                x                 x                                         x                  x

  75 min                x                 x                                         x                  x

  90 min     NOK 2400,-/EUR 240,-                         NOK 3000,-/EUR 300

120 min     NOK 3000,-/EUR 300,-                         NOK 4000,-/EUR 400

150 min     NOK 3750,-/EUR 375,-                         NOK 5000,-/EUR 500

180 min     NOK 4500,-/EUR 450,-                         NOK 6000,-/EUR 600   


Classical whole-body tantric ritual with light skin touch from therapist to receiver. Using hot towels, massage of elements, massage with soft delicate articles – ostrich feather and fur glovesand, massage with hot oil, massage of lingam/yoni is included, massage 4th dimension possible from 120mins or longer. Basic pelvic release is for FREE.

For couple massage or four hand massage please ask for posibility and price.

Popular add-on services 

There is something for advanced: Theese popular services can be added to any classical tantric session.


advanced pelvic release                                                                               

waving or more contact session                                                                         

I´m founder of waving technique. General it is building and playing with sexual energy in body or receiver. Could be used like therapy for people they would like to explore wholebody extatic feelings. For those they have any trouble with feeling/keeping/releacing excitement in body or just for deep relese, stronger feelings in body and deep relaxation. 


Advanced level: 2500 per hour

  60 min     NOK 2500,-/EUR 250,-    

  75 min     NOK 2900,-/EUR 290,-    

  90 min     NOK 3750,-/EUR 375,-    

120 min     NOK 4500,-/EUR 450,-    

150 min     NOK 5000,-/EUR 500,-      

180 min     NOK 6000,-/EUR 600,-    

In dominantion´s sesion 90 min or longer, shorter tantric massage like after care is possible. 



(Not for everyone Ria decides!)


TOP level:

   60 min              NOK 3000,-/EUR 300,-     

+30 min              NOK 1500,-/EUR 150-


Session has no structure like tantric ritual. Tell me your wishes and we let it flow! Highly personalized setting. All regular offer in one package! You can combine waving, contact session, painless/painful BDSM elements, basic or advanced pelvic release! If is your wish within my limits... let´s do it! Ria has dominant role in D/S play. Shorter traditional tantric massage like after care from 90min is possible.


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