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Personal and now NEW! ON-LINE consultation

For your balanced relationship and receiving/growing your own sexuality.This is usually our first meeting where we talk togetrer about your goals or wishes, troubles, shames, feelings in comfortable and unfomfortable situations you are in right now. Specially we focus on area of relathionships and your own intimacy. Together we disassemble your present situation and determinate the most importants moments in it. And we agree how could be our coworking plan in future.


In next lessons is possible to continue with dialogs or  combine it with breath/body/selfbody practise,... 


NOTICE: During this meeting you and therapist stay all time in clothes. It doesn´t includes any bodywork practice with nude/half nude body.  Duration recomended 90mins+

NEW! ON-LINE lessons

Is a lot of topic we cat talk online and a lot of skills we can learn or train online. I´m in process to prepare some lessons for you. Some of them are possible right now. Just ask.  How does this personal training works? I will set up depend your personal needs. I can show you how to provide massage of woman´s and man´s intim areas in video call. We can repair your mistakes and discuss all your questions together. I can guide you on your way to explore wholebody feelings, deep breath work, be "better lover" for your partner, to keep longer during makeing love with your partner and a lot of more. Looking forward to guide you.

Massage for men

Tantric massage for men is healing for the body and the soul. It is designed to awaken and rejuvenate your body with sexual energy through ancient Tantric techniques.

​Tantra treatment for men is a holistic therapy that can be used to tackle a series of problems including erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, impotence, sexual inexperience and more. ​

During a session, Lingam massage is one phase of the treatment and is used to facilitate the achievement of better control over sexual energy. Orgasm is not the goal of the Lingam massage instead, the aim is to massage the Lingam to facilitate healing and move sexual energy throughout the body.

Massage for women

Work with body and intimacy is one of the most effective ways how to increase life energy and inspiration. It is very healing, rejuvinating and at the same time it gives the feeling of love and joy.

Tantric Journey is a healing and awakening technique based upon the Ancient principles of Tantra combined with classical massage to create a powerful form of therapy capable of releasing traumas within the body.

Tantric massage is not a form of sexual service, instead it is a healing therapy that treats the whole of your being. Tantra accepts and harnesses sexual energy as a route to higher consciousness, and Tantra is not only focused upon the pursuit of sexual ecstasy – this not the aim of authentic Tantra practitioners.

Massage for couples

Do you feel your relationship has lost that ‘spark’ that you enjoyed when you first met?

The pair sessions are designed to offer guidance, techniques and space to explore re-meeting as life partners and lovers. It is beautiful to share tantra massage with your partner, whether you have been together for many years or are just starting out on your relationship path.

Tantric massage together with your partner is a sensual, intimate experience that promote trust to each other, brings revitalization and inspiration. This massage is suitable for all couples who want to have a nice deep relationship and discover each other. It is a deep experience that wake up mutual needs of proximity and communication about intimate topics. 

Four hand massage

​The four hand massage is a unique experience performed in a beautiful and synchronized way by two therapists. Using hands and body to give you an unforgettable experience.

Our theraphits have simultaneous contact that can be incredibly pleasant. It is designed for those who try to control everything in life.


With this techniques you may experience loosing the control for a while and just let your brain and body relax like you never experienced. 

Individual services

Our theraphists have indivdual specialities that can be ordered together with classical tantric massages. It can be use of blindfolds, Tantric BDSM using whips, ropes and cuffs or other specialities. Please ask for possible services provided by the theraphist.


Some of our therapist can teach you diferrent kind of techniques. Lesson for individuals or for couples are possible. Why not surprise your partner with some new techniques?

Theraphist do not provide any escort or sexual services - please don't ask for it.

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