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Dear clients...

I appreciate every new offer from you. I wish we both enjoy it fully. This way I thank you for mutual respect to our health and especially top hygiene. For new clients here are some rules and recommendation before our meeting:

Remember! QUALITY OF SERVICE IS HIGHLY DEPENDED ON LEVEL OF YOUR HYGIENE, general helth and skin conditions as well!

If you suffer from skin diseases such as mold on feet, corns etc. You understand, I´m not going to touch affected areas or use gloves to protect my health and health of others! Be kind and share with me all of your health conditions what can affect our session specially heart conditions, diabetes, previous surgeries, skin diseases. In case you got infectious diseases I expect you to rebook our session as soon as you find out.

Some of sessions can be in very close setting and some toys (specially in BDSM) can be used. Then is protection used and all toys are disinfected with special liquid or UV light

Health and Safety on first place.

Recommendation for shower:

Shower gel is the one what cleans your body not only water use enough of it. Pure hygiene will affect our session.

1. Pay attention specially to armpits, intimate areas and anus! 

2. Make sure you use towel to get really dry skin all over your body. 

3. Make sure your breath is fresh. Use mouth wash or other options to keep your breth in good condition.

Thank you for your cooperation, RIA.

How to make a booking?


For creating a booking use whats´app: +47 906 89 133, or email adress:

NOTE: Use WHATSAPP if you expect quicker reaction! Email read aprox. twice a week.

What is essencial to write?

1. DATE and your TIME flexibility

2. DURATION of our meeting

3. TYPE of SESSION in general. SENSUAL FLOW, PURE TANTRIC RECEIING, DOMINANT, COACHING,...If you like HIGHLY INDIVIDUAL write more about it in details.

4. CITY (session in my studio or some individual plan, dinner with consultation etc.) 

5. Feel free to share who you are: man, woman, couple + short introducion, yhat you like to achive, explore during our meeting.


Please write it all in one message, I´m usually busy woman.

I stopped to answer for short not saying messages like Hi, hour are you, meeting? etc. Every time you get a message with details of our sesson from me. While you confirm it. place is booked for you in my calendar. With confirmation, you accept rules and conditions of our meeting and cancelation.

Thank you you save our time and keep booking smooth!

Cancelation rules:

I understan plans can change or you get sick. But to respect to me, my time and to others they was not able to book because of our meeting. Here are the rules of cancelation:

Every session need to canceled 24h in advanced. If is later I have right to ask for a fee 30-100% for booked time. I can offer you to rebook you session for free, depending to my availability. NOTE if you don´t keep our apoitments, dont show up, without appology. You may be blocked.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

whats´app: + 47 906 89 133

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