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Dearest Ria, 

I am still struggling to find words to express my gratitude for yesterday’s evening session.

Thank you just seems too simple  

The whole experience from end to end was pure bliss but at same time quite emotional as it gave so much more than imagined on many levels.

You are more beautiful than a Gazillion stars 

You are for always embedded in my mind and soul.

I am convinced you are an angel, I don’t believe such beautiful face, body, hands, hair, feet, eyes, voice, lips, soul, energy, sexuality and sensuality can be humanly possible.

I feel to have found a spark of something utmost special that will save my soul and body for a long time.

It still seems surrealistic to be so lucky and have experienced you.

I hope to see you again.

Best, Majid

17. July 2019

Has been a little while since the visit. 

Have been to several masseurs, and this is simply the best Tantra experience I have had. Ria knows exactly what to do and happily meets requests and requests to give you a better experience. Highly recommend BDSM. Other massage therapists have BDSM tends to feel a bit tame, but Ria gives you the perfect experience all the way. She also provides a proper prostate massage. 


Finished with a relaxing massage so down-stressing that I died for a little while.

BD 120 min

14. July 2019

Thank you very much Ria for a very good session with a very nice girl today I think it's my best massage/tantra session I've ever had.

Waves 120min

6. June 2019

Thanks for fantastic session. Feeling charged. Probably because I did not discharge. Open to the world around me....And in me, with fantasies and longings. Almost an urge now to receive by being used. Enjoy ! Namaste. Love from Nxxxx

Coaching, pandora session 120min

3. June 2019

Here we talk about quality, beauty, professionalism and otherwise the best superlatives that can be given to a lady who practices Tantra. Have been here before and will be back as soon as possible. Gets better and better as we become safe at each other AND there is no longer any question of what I want Refuse to believe there is better place in Oslo. At least I haven't found anything near this place !! Highly recommended !!!!

Oslo - 120min

13. May 2019


Thank u for 2 hours in heaven! U r amazing and the best, moust pretty, nice, wonderful, smart and good Lady in the world! Miss u a lot allready and hope to see u soon again. 

Take care!!!



Oslo - 120min

13. May 2019


YOU!! You was so sensual, so erotic so ANGEL AND DEVIL in One. with me. I never felt this bafore. You should teach your secrets my future partner.  Ria You are just fantastic!!


And thank you for trust you gave to me. 

Padoras secrets

7. May 2019

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